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Shanghai International Audio & Video Show 2025

April 11 -April 13 |
Country: China

Shanghai International Audio&Video Show, is also known as SIAV. It was established in 1993 and has since grown to be a complete industry exposition with a solid reputation in China as well as Asia, and even in global Audio and video industry. The show has the HiFi category, Analog and Digitalized field, which is very popular and familiar to manufactures and distributors in both local and international market.In 2024, 31st Shanghai International Audio&Video Show (SIAV) has been held. It has returned to its main venue – Jinnan Building in Jinjiang Hotel, auditorium, and Jinjiang Tower Shanghai. The organizer has provided assistance to manufacturers and distributors in sales expanding and in helping end-users to know more about the audio and visual products in details..From 12th to 14th,April 2024, Golden Audio Prize and the Golden Visual Prize has been launched during the SIAV 2024, and Award Winners have been announced on the official web site of the China Electronic Audio Industry Association. Next year, SIAV will be held at 11th – 13th April 2025 and celebrates the 32nd Anniversary. Please come and join us the show!

Jin Jiang Tower

  • No.161 Changle Road,
    Huangpu District,
    Shanghai 200020 China


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